A tale about a pair of shoes

Two left shoes

Two left shoes

My wife ordered a new pair of shoes. Arrived. Opened. Both were for the left foot, each in a different size. I quickly verified my wife has a right foot and a left foot, roughly the same size. Then I verified the order, we got something very far from what we ordered.

We contacted the vendor, they apologized. We were expecting a hotfix, because you can’t rollback shoes. At least with the new version of shoes the previous pair didn’t stop working. Apparently, it was the last pair in stock.

I wonder how they define a pair, since clearly, this shipment didn’t contain a pair.

I asked for resolution, they said they will look for a right shoe, in one of the sizes and ship it to us, and if they won’t find, will refund us.

Now replace shoes with software. This is how your customers feel when you release bugs to production.

[Originally published on Linkedin]