Learning from failure with tanks

I drove this tank. I could’ve died. Read on before judging me.

What have I learned from those 17 seconds?

  1. Context matters

When you saw the video, you thought: “What a bad driver”.

In fact, this tank had a broken sprocket, preventing the tank from driving straight. We knew it, I was chosen to attempt to board the Tank transporter, because I was a decent driver.

  1. Assume competence and good faith

Now that you know the context, it is easy to assume competence. You should do it before you know the context.

  1. Calculated risks sometimes aren’t so calculated

When you need to risk it, ask someone uninvolved how risky it is, you are biased.

  1. When you are off-track: STOP

When things go haywire, stop and evaluate what is the best way to get back on track.

  1. Speak about your failures, so you and others can learn from them

This post is a good example!

[Originally posted on Linkedin]